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My Guinea Pig Izzy is Not Pregnant...


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Well, I have to report that all the hopes for the patter of tiny claws are now over for the moment!
Izzy is definately not preggers as she would have had them by now. Her body is also so normal sized for a growing Guinea Pig.

I'm about to get her a new Cage, as her old one was only temporary.  Joey has a large indoor cage too & I want the two of them to be separate at the momemt.

Joey and Izzy's homes are next to each other, they can get very loud when they are chatting (wheeking) to each other. If we open the Fridge door, they start wheeking for Fruit & Vegetables!

Its been great also knowing that Izzy who is the younger Guinea Pig has been watching Joey. Izzy came to us supposedly weaned off water, but she wouldn't drink from the bottle.  So I had to hand feed her the water at first, with lots of cucumber to make sure she was getting her water!

Izzy started drinking but from a bowl I put in her cage.  She could see brother Joey drinking from his bottle, and she started to do that too!

Hooray! we cried.
Have fun with your Guinea Pigs....Sarah



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Wow, Listen to this its Awesome!!

Guinea Pig Babies Video


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Here are Some Cuties - Just 4 Days Old!

Your Guinea Pig Needs a Great Quality Diet If You Think She is Pregnant


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If you have found out that your Guinea Pig is now pregnant, either from your Exotic Veterinarian or just from her larger body!

Her Vitamin C amount now has to double. Now your Guinea Pig has to have at least 20-60 Mg's each day, rather than the 10-30Mg's shes used to.

Your Guinea Pig Sow will now eat double the amount she would eat normally. She will also drink a lot more water, so make sure its freely available as she'll go through it quicker - Two water bottles would be great.

If you think that your Guinea Pig may need more Vitamin C, then you can feed them by hand in a liquid form or a Chewy Tablet. But never dilute it in their water as the Vitamin C becomes less strong this way, and you can't guarantee they will drink it all.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are crucial to your Guinea Pigs diet normally. At the time of a pregnant Sow, she;ll need the extra natural Vitamin C from Red/Green Capsicum/Bell Peppers which are one of the highest in Vitamin C. As are Kale,Parsley, Broccoli, Strawberries and Cauliflower, all cut up to aid eating and digestion for her.

Make sure your Sow has more Timothy Hay around her for nutrition and fibre every day, you can keep it in this useful off the ground Hay Rack to fit on the side of your Guinea Pig cage.

Also make sure your Guinea Pig has a large enough place to live for her and her litter. All food bowls must be high off the ground, enough for the food to stay in the bowl. Anything that allows food onto the floor may mean your Guinea Pig and her pups may eat rubbish on the floor which will be upsetting their tums.

Videos Of Guinea Pigs Doing What They Do Naturally...


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Guinea Pig sow giving birth.
Guinea Pig Babies

Signs That Your Guinea Pig is Giving Birth


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One way to tell if your Sow (a female Guinea Pig) is in heat, is that she'll mount they other Guinea Pigs around her, even if they are female! She'll also curve her spine downwards.

When a Sow is Pregnant she be drinking, eating and sleeping a whole lot more than normal. So make sure your children know they have to let her own rest. 

A Guinea Pig can get Pregnant when she is having her 16 day Heat Cycle. But she herself will only be interested in the lucky man, for about 8 of those days.

A Sow may have a litter of between 1 and 8 puppies. A first time mum usually has around 1 to 3, later litters have up to 6 or 8 sometimes – so make sure you can find a home for them all! Remember they are able to have unprotected sex and become pregnant at aroud 2 weeks old. So separate your Guinea Pigs around then, if not well before.

When a Guinea Pig Sow is about (in the next 2 days) to give birth her pelvis will start to slowly widen, to over 2.5cms when she is in the hours before they are due. To see this yourself have a look at the genitals & you should see this just in front of them.

 There are many different opinions on how long until the birth of the little ones. Some 68 days and others say 75 days. Mostly the confusion is because its not known when she unprotected sex in the first place!

Some Sows eat less than she has been just before delivery, but are fine otherwise. She may also have a show of blood, but if it re occurs please see your exotic Vet immeditely and monitor your Guinea Pig continuously.

There's a grunt when she is about to give birth, and she opens her back legs wide. The Sow will pull the pups out by their teeth with her own teeth. There will be a gap of approx 5 minutes between each Guinea Pig. The pups are in a sac which will get broken by the Sow as the teeth go through it and the Sow will eat the afterbirth – which is a normal part of it all.

The whole process will take from 10 minutes to an hour approximately if all goes well. The baby Guinea Pigs are little copies of their mum & dad, and can walk in a few hours. They are also weaned from their mum from 2-4 weeks on to the solid food – at this point they will weigh roughly 150-200gms. They will still have the Sows milk though for up to 4 weeks approx.

Have a look at this video of a Sow giving birth 

Have great fun with your Guinea Pigs... Sarah

Buying a New Guinea Pig After Yours Died


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I have looked after Guinea Pigs for many years now, and consider myself something of an expert on them.

I recently had my Guinea Pig die, I have had the sadness of going through that again. Which seems to be a part of having a pet anyway. Wouldn't it be great if they lived as long as we do? Well maybe?

Or maybe I liked getting my new Guinea Pig Izzy. Holding her in my hands, with her very soft black fur. It's like having a new baby again, at 9 weeks old now.

The best thing about finding a new Guinea Pig is watching her grow and develop. This can wile away many an hour or so if you're lucky!

When you get your new Guinea Pig, it does mean that you stop feeling that sadness for your other piggy. Not forgotten, just moved on. Which I highly recommend doing as soon as you can.

Cavy Sancturies are the best place to buy your Guinea Pig from, we have a growing list of US rescues as well some from the UK & Aus Let me have details of a local rescue to you & we'll put them in our list.

Only buy from a Pet shop if there are no other options for you & you have checked that they are being well looked after & in a decent size cage.Or in freeads online, which is where mine was and it's more local & is usually being looked after well.

Well, my new Guinea Pig may be pregnant, her sister was....and Izzy's belly looks big too! I'll let you know the result of that!

Have Fun with your Piggy!..